The White Rabbit Is Late, V 2.0

Published August 25, 2014 by B. Rabbit

If you’ve been following me at all, you may have noticed that I’ve done a little late-summer cleaning. The place was getting rather dusty from lack of use.

I’ve taken a page from the book of a dear friend of mine and revamped this place in hopes that I can guilt myself into writing more regularly. I’ve been working on things sporadically, but it’s not nearly as much work as I should be doing. I tend to be loath to post things if they’re not somewhat “done”–poetry notwithstanding–and I need to stop doing that. I need to put words on the page, even if those words do turn out to be terribly embarrassing later.

So in light of that, my plan is to start posting more regularly–hopefully at least once a week–to get myself back into the game. I’ve got all kinds of notes floating around and several currently-abandoned projects, so maybe it won’t be too tough! There will be poetry, short fiction, character sketches, and possibly discussions about various literary things. You know…words on the page. I do sincerely hope my friend doesn’t hate me for ripping her off!

It’s a start, at least. Especially for a person from the Dorothy Parker school of thought: “I hate writing; I love having written.”

I’ll be making this post a sticky (at least for awhile), partly to explain to my visitors what’s going on here and partly to remind myself why I’m doing this. All my new stuff will show up under this post. Also, if you simply can’t get enough of me, please feel free to follow me on Tumblr, where I hardly ever post anything about writing but will happily reblog things from my favorite fandoms like it’s going out of style.

B. Rabbit


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