The White Rabbit Is Late is the home of the writings of one B. Rabbit, the most famous writer ever to come out of her hometown of 900ish people. She currently resides in a small urban area in East Alabama where she is, unfortunately, not the most famous author to hail from the area.

B. Rabbit writes poetry, short stories, and tiny scraps of novels that never make it past twenty pages or so. She hopes to use this blog as a way to guilt herself into writing more often. (She’s not getting any younger, after all.) The name of her blog is, of course, derived from one of her favorite books, Alice in Wonderland, and is quite fitting, given that she is a white Rabbit who is, indeed, always late.

In addition to writing, B. Rabbit also loves reading; history; the beach; Tumblr; the colors purple, blue, and green; the hours between 7 pm and dawn; obsessively studying whatever topic has caught her attention this month; and talking shit on the Internet. Her favorite writers are too numerous to name, but she is a big fan of the metaphysical poets, some of the Romantics, nearly everything from the Victorian era, most things that fall under the Southern Gothic umbrella, silly mystery novels, the confessional poets, dystopian works, comic books, and nearly anything that involves a Byronic hero, dry humor, or both.

B. Rabbit hopes you will enjoy the things she posts and be fairly gentle with her. Her ego, despite being so large that it won’t fit in the same room with her, can only handle so much.

If you really can’t get enough of her, you may be interested in following her on Tumblr, where she did, in fact, appropriate the name of her blog from a Jimmy Buffett lyric. (Warning: Said blog contains a large helping of reblogs concerning books, poetry, writing, Neopets [for shame], Marvel comics, Welcome to Night Vale, and, of course, attractive and shirtless men.)


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